2017 Frisco Elementary Career Day - kusumotophoto

Career Day at Frisco Elementary

Last month I had the privilege of participating in Frisco Elementary's career day, which included a presentation to the class and a field trip with four of the students. Armed with a few of my old DSLRs, we took a photo walk in downtown Frisco -- I gave a quick lesson on composition and the students had a chance to experiment with taking their own photos. What a blast! When we got back to the school, they did a "first edit" on their shoot to decide which images to keep. From that, I picked a few of my favorites from each student and did some minimal processing (e.g. tone adjustments, slight cropping.) Highlights follow -- I am just blown away with the images these guys produced! My portraits of the students -- as well as other behind-the-scenes shots to document the day -- are also included below.


photo by Niko




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